You Are What You Are

You Are What You Are

In a world filled with he said she said, we want to make a stand and be a bit different. 

A bit bold. 

Spreading positivity doesn't always mean knitting a tree...

Or not wearing shoes. 

Most Children can spread more cheer because they have not been jaded. 

As the saying goes you are what you eat, also holds true for who your surround yourself with and what you see and hear. 

If you are told that your fat and ugly, sooner or later you will start to believe what you hear. 

If you hear that you are loved, and you can do it, or find they way with your will, you are more likely to move forward. 

Our lines of clothing comes from inspiration from meditations, quotes, and most importantly, thought from a 6 year old who wants to rid the world of "the bad guys".

Were our line of positioning clothing show the world that money does grow on trees, and you can change your world. 

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